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18 Health Benefits Of Forever #BrightToothGel For family oral and dental needs!
For proper family oral and dental needs!

18 Health Benefits Of Forever #BrightToothGel For family oral and dental needs!

The Forever Bright Tooth Gel contains the highest quality raw products of Aloe Vera and propolis natural antibiotics for healthy gum and a sparkling white teeth,making you feel fresh and confident without any fear of polluting the air anytime you’re with friends, family and other important meetings.


For proper family oral and dental needs!

At first sight it looks like ordinary toothpaste on the market but forever tooth gel is formulated to meet family oral and dental needs.

What Makes FOREVER BRIGHT TOOTHGEL More Potent and Highest Quality Than Any Other Common Toothpastes On The Market?

We can’t think our day beginning without a toothpaste or toothgel.

Most Households in Ghana are very ignorant about what they consume into their body systems without prior consideration towards their health and overall well being its implications.

The following Life Threatening ingredients are usually found in a common toothpaste on the market today!
This very dangerous ingredient can be found inside of your toothpaste tube.

Formaldehyde kills all of those small bacteria that climb onto your teeth after eating or sleeping.
If a large amount of formaldehyde is accidentally ingested, the result could be fatal.

Severe formaldehyde ingestion results in jaundice, kidney damage, liver damage and death.
As slick as the petroleum that it is derived from, paraffin creates a smooth paste that oozes onto your toothbrush.
As you might imagine, paraffin wasn’t meant to be eaten.
If you happen to swallow this ingredient, you may end up with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and severe constipation.
That’s right – chalk.
It is hard enough to remove all of that caked on gunk from your pearly whites.
Chalk dust may cause lung problems if inhaled, and swallowing a bit of chalk could cause bleeding.
Minty, minty, minty! Fresh breath can only be kept fresh with the help of peppermint oil!

While refreshing when brushing your teeth, peppermint oil can cause a slow pulse, heartburn, and muscle tremors if it is consumed.
What would toothpaste be without that satisfying soapy feeling?
Manufacturers use regular detergent in order to appease the masses that prefer bubbly toothpaste.
While bubbles may be fun, be careful if you accidentally ingest a large amount of this stuff – swallowing detergent can cause digestive tract burning.
And many more… But the very dangerous ingredient is FLUORIDE!!!
Fluoride affects many tissues in your body besides your teeth.
Fluoride supplements have never been approved by the FDA.
Fluoride toxicity can lead to a wide variety of health problems, including: Thyroid disease, Genetic damage and cell death, Disrupts synthesis of collagen, Arthritis, Bone cancer (osteosarcoma), Increased tumour and cancer rate, Inactivates 62 enzymes and inhibits more than 100, Disrupted immune system, Muscle disorders, Bone fractures, Inhibited formation of antibodies, Damaged sperm and increased infertility and many more.
In other words, if fluoride is having a visually detrimental effect on the surface of your teeth, you can be virtually guaranteed that it’s also damaging other parts of your body,
Think a while, Don’t worry, here is the SOLUTION…!


Beautiful lady with a healthy smile!!

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS LIKE; Aloe Barbadensis Gel (Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel) Sorbitol Hydrated Silica Glycerin Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Flavour (Aroma) Bee Propolis Sodium Saccharin Sodium Benzoate Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex.
Sorbitol is used as a sweetening agent and having mouthwash properties.

Hydrated silica gives toothpaste a smoother “gel” quality. It is listed by the US Food & Drug Administration to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and has no known toxicity or carcinogenicity. It is a better cleaner, helps to remove stains that have formed on teeth.
Glycerin is a colourless and smell-less liquid. It is a sweetening and preserving agent used in toothpaste.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent. The foaming action ensures that the toothpaste does not spill out of the mouth, while brushing. It is certified by Cancer Council (Western Australia) as non-carcinogenic.
Carrageenan is an extract of red seaweed (Chondrus crispus). It is used as a safe thickening agent in toothpaste.
Saccharin sodium is a sweetener in most toothpaste, to hide the flavour of other chemicals. It’s an artificial sweetener that is not sugar so it does not cause tooth decay, but it does sweeten the flavour of the toothpaste instead of it tasting like the other components.
Sodium Benzoate or Ethylparaben is a safe preservative and plays an important role in keeping the toothpaste free from microorganisms. Sodium benzoate prevents the buildup of microorganisms in the toothpaste, and is the reason why there is no need to keep toothpastes in refrigerators.
But The Two Miraculous Ingredients are… Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis
Aloe Vera and its Benefits  Aloe Vera is considered to be a miracle plant.
 Tropical plant which looks like a cactus.
 Also known as Kumari, Korphad, Ghee Kanwar etc.
 There are over 400 varieties of Aloe Vera, but only 4-5 contain medicinal properties.
 It can be taken internally or applied topically.
 Natural, safe and herbal plant used for thousands of years.
 Records of this plant exist on Sumerian clay tablets from as early as 2200 BC.
Aloe Barbadensis Miller, well known for its magically soothing abilities.
 Natural cleanser.  Analgesic effects.  Anti-inflammatory.  Anti-bacterial, anti-viral.  Energy booster.  Antipruritic and anti- pyretic.  High nutritional value.  Penetrates tissues.  Keratolytic – breaks down and digests dead tissues.  Regenerates healthy cells.  Moisturizes tissues, pH
Propolis and its Benefits Did you know that honey isn’t the only thing that bees make? Bees also produce a compound called propolis from the sap on needle-leaved trees or evergreens. When they combine the sap with their own discharges and beeswax, they create a sticky, greenish-brown product that is used as a coating to build their hives. This is propolis.

 Various products derived from the beehive have been studied and propolis has proved to be a product having beneficial results for human health.

 Propolis (Pro-before, Polis-city = defence of the city), is the resinous substance that bees gather from the leaf buds of trees and certain vegetables.
 Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations used propolis for its medicinal properties. Greeks used it to treat abscesses. Assyrians put it on wounds and tumours to fight infection and help the healing process. Egyptians

 One of the reasons behind propolis’ popularity is that it’s thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti- inflammatory properties. Propolis has been suggested to have a role in treating certain cancers as well.

 Prevent diseases and parasites and inhibit fungal and bacterial growth. Propolis has been the subject of recent dentistry research and there is some clinical evidence that propolis protects against dental caries and other forms of oral disease, due to its antimicrobial properties.

The compound is still used for medical purposes, which include:

 fighting infections  boosting the immune system  healing genital herpes and cold sores
Awarded by Reader Digest and Certified by International Aloe Science Council.


For healthy gum and a sparkling white teeth,making you feel fresh and confident always!

The Miraculous Benefits of Bright Tooth gel:
1. Very good for all oral and dental conditions including mouth odor, bleeding gums, mouth infection, coated and dry tongues
2. Apply on burned lips – caused by smoking.
3.It is good for every member of the family, both young and old

4. Fights against the bad breath and heals the mouth ulcers
5. Apply into throat to get relief from cough.
6. Apply externally on acne.
7. Vapour with hot water to get relief from cold.
8. Rub gently on forehead in headache.
9. Apply on ant and mosquito bites.
10. Very effective in cuts, wound and burns.
11. Effective in itching and skin diseases like ringworm.
12. Heals the cracked heels.
13. Relieves from the toothache caused by cavity etc.
14. Apply little to cleanse your face.
15. Use externally on piles.
16.It is a cleanser, deodorant and antimicrobials

17.It is also good for throat problems like throat pains and loss of voice

18.It is an appetite stimulant and can be swallowed, it is absolutely safe and from natural origin

For proper family oral hygiene, dental needs,healthy mouth and gum, it is required that you brush after every meal.For a healthy person, if it is impossible to brush after each meal, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and Forever Bright Tooth Gel.

It is compulsory or expected you brush your teeth every night before going to bed if you want to preserve your teeth.

It is not compulsory to brush your teeth in the morning but absolutely compulsory every night.

Let this Forever tooth gel be the last thing in your mouth if you must enjoy a healthy mouth.



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