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smile your baby is knocking


Unfortunately, not all men and women are blessed with a baby.



             smile your baby is knocking

These couples have struggled for many years just to conceive.If you are tired of trying some  other way to get pregnant and end up with nothing . Then Here is the hidden secret to what you are looking for.Whether you’re officially trying to conceive or just planning ahead, we have put together for you “5  most important tips to get pregnant fast” that will help maximize your chances for naturally conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.
                                                          Number 1: Go for Fertility Test


If you have been having unprotected sex for at least a period of one year without success, you may have fertility problems and this may be due to several factors such as your health status, lifestyle factors and age.

To know why pregnancy is not occurring, you and your partner should go for fertility test.

Male factors account for approximately 50% of all infertility cases, it is important to examine both partners for possible infertility issues. Discovering male fertility problems early can mean earlier treatment and a successful pregnancy, this will also spare women unnecessary expense on further fertility testing.

See Fertility Tests Below:

Fertility Test for Men:
Sperm and Semen Analysis – This is carried out by a lab scientist to assess the man’s sperm count, their shape, movement, and other variables and is the most common procedure in male fertility testing. Other male fertility test may include:

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Physical Exam – To check for varicoceles(an abnormal enlargement in the scrotum)
Hormone Evaluation – to check for hormonal levels
Urinalysis – To check for infection and possible presence of sperm in the urine – an indicator of a possible problem with ejaculation known as retrograde ejaculation.

If the medical history, physical examination, and semen analysis of the male partner are normal, further male factor evaluation is unlikely to be necessary in most cases.

Fertility Test for Women:

Pelvic Examination – To examine your reproductive organs and check for infection
Physical Exam – Your thyroid, breasts, and hair growth will be looked at.
Ovulation Evaluation such as ovulation testing, ovarian function tests, luteal phase testing, hormone testing.
Cervical Mucus Tests – To see if sperm is able to penetrate and survive in your cervical mucus.

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Ultrasound Tests – To assess the thickness of the lining of the uterus, your uterus and ovaries condition and monitor follicle development.

If the tests above are normal, then further tests will be recommended, such as:
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) – To check if there is blockage in your fallopian tubes or any other problem.

All test are not mandatory, your fertility specialist will be able to know which test to recommend based on fertility discussion with you.

We always advice that if you have health issues of any kind, address them immediately without delay as this may save your fertility now or in the future.

                                        Number 2: Do Fertility Cleansing



If you have taken a bold step in your fertility journey by going for fertility test, now you know why you have not been able to conceive. It’s time to remove toxins from your system to reset your health.

A toxin is any substance that causes harmful effects to our body. When toxin levels are in excess of our body’s capacity to remove them, toxins build up and are stored until they are removed. We can have toxins stored in our bodies for years without experiencing any negative symptoms, but once the burden of toxins becomes too high, we start to feel ill, and our fertility drops.


When you do fertility cleansing, you send signals to your body to activate your systems, especially your reproductive system to start functioning better and this helps to enhance your fertility.

                          Number 3: Enhance Your Fertility and Balance Your Hormones



One very important thing you should do when trying to conceive is to balance your hormones. Beautifully, you can balance your hormones naturally with supplements derived from natural plants and one good hormone balancer that have been achieving great results as a fertility expert is VITOLIZE MEN and Women Supplement.

VITOLIZE is a wonderful hormone balancer for MEN and WOMEN put together to balance your entire hormone levels, enhance your overall fertility and help you conceive naturally combined with other products.

                                            Number 4: Eat Fertility Meals



When you start planning to conceive, one important thing you should do is to get rid of unhealthy foods from your diet and replace them with healthy foods.

Let’s look at it this way, when a farmer wants to plant, before the planting season, he will get the soil ready and nourish the soil before planting will begin and then he starts planting his seeds. Take some time out to think why the farmer will first nourish the soil, I am sure you know why, because the healthier the soil, the more vibrantly those seeds will grow and eventually will bring forth healthy and beautiful produce.

Do you know that our bodies are similar? The healthier we prepare our bodies before pregnancy; the better our bodies are to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy that is free of complications. Wow! Eat well for a healthier you, look better feel better.

                                             Number 5: Know Your Cycle



When ovulation occurs, your body produces a slippery, thin substance called cervical mucus to help facilitate the passage of sperm. If you examine yourself daily or daily after your MENSTRUAL CYCLE you’ll notice a vaginal discharge that’s transparent and stretchy between your fingers, like egg white, on your most fertile days.

Knowing your cycle can help you prepare your body for pregnancy. If you do not have a good cycle and do not ovulate properly, you should regulate your cycle and ovulation with Menstrual Disorder remedy kit,  as it helps to regularize your menstruation and ovulation and bring your entire hormones back to balance.

Now that you have received and read “5 Most Important Tips To Get pregnant Fast”, What’s next?

Put everything to work and take action NOW to Conceive.


Testimony and Success Story:

A Couple Chooses to Avoid Surgery in Favor of a Natural Treatment.

I was aware that there is a cure to any illness and that if you have not met the right person, never conclude that your illness has no cure. With this psyche behind me, I embarked on a search for a cure for our problem.

When numerous attempts to conceive failed after marriage in June, 2008, our doctor recommended an HSG Test which results proved bilateral tubal blockage. Our doctor then recommended surgery but we declined. In an attempt to find a cure, we visited several fertility centers both modern and local/traditional but all to no avail. It was observed that most of the fertility centers visited concentrated on drugs/herbs that boost/improve fertility instead of drugs/herbs that will unblock blocked fallopian tubes. It was like pouring water on a rock with the expectation that the interior will get wet.

We prayed to God to connect us to the right Fertility treatment that could unblock blocked fallopian tubes. The God who never forsake his children heard our prayers and unconditionally granted our wishes.

One day when my wife was surfing the net to explore other alternative means of cure for infertility, she found herself in this website. We took keen interest in the website. I read all the articles and some testimonies and said to myself that if all the testimonies were factual then my wife and I must one day also testify to the Glory of God.

After completing the 2nd package, there were still particles in the flushes. We kept communicating with Emmanuel (the one God connected us to) who was quick in response to all our enquiries. He encouraged us to ensure that there were clear flushes for at least 3 consecutive days otherwise conception could lead to ectopic. We ordered the 3rd package and completed it religiously with particles still in the flushes.

We decided to opt for IVF because time was not on our side. We started counseling with a Gynecologist but upon a second thought, we concluded that IVF will be our last resort.

Eager to see clear flushes, we took delivery of the 4th package of pregnancy solution pack. After completing the 4th package (although with little particles still in the flush) we decided to do the HSG Test again. I called the hospital and booked appointment with the Laboratory Technician one month in advance of the appointed time for the test. Lo and behold my wife missed her menstrual period just within the period. We assumed it was one of those delays which eventually got us disappointed after few days because most of the medications made her menstrual period unpredictable. Like joke, I was in the office when my wife called to say a pregnancy test she had done proved positive.* I was filled with joy.

I realized that what my grandfather told me some decades ago actually came to pass in my own life – “Never conclude that your sickness has no cure until you met the right doctor/herbalist.”

God has solution to any problem. One will only have to pray to Him to reveal to one the right person who has solution to one’s problem. Some people get solution to their problems through Pastors, others through Gynecologists, Herbalists, Professional Counselors, Others through fasting and prayers, etc. No matter what your problem, there is always a solution. Never be despaired. I believe Fertility cleanse is the solution to many fertility problems. My observation however is that after using the first package without any positive results most people stop. I believe this natural products works for everyone provided one is able to achieve clear flushes by working the program religiously.

In conclusion, I recommend Fertility cleanse to all women who have tubal blockage problems. It has worked for my wife and it can work for you also. If you finish the 1st package without success never be despaired. Continue with another package because in no time you may be the one testifying and recommending the package to others just as I am doing with my wife. Think not of the cost involved because the benefits of using this natural products far outweighs the cost of it. My wife is now 10 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound results shows everything is doing well.

Thanks “For all your supports and encouragements”. May God continue to widen your connections with mankind on mother earth. Words alone cannot express our gratitude. “More grease to your elbow.”

Accra, Ghana


Success Story: Princess Nnamdi!

“I Got Back From India When Someone Gave Me Your Company Contact “. From the very first day I came to your office, I said to myself “I am also going to share my testimony” because the lady that gave me your contact shared her testimony with me though she said she is yet to send her testimony and today I am sending my testimony to you people. I have been married for 9 years now without a miscarriage let alone a baby. I have never missed my period for one day. I was in a relationship with my man without getting pregnant for one day, we dated for about 5 to 6 years. This got me worried when we were planning to come together as man and wife, I remembered discussing it with my mother who said I shouldn’t allow that to bother me that nothing was wrong but inside of me I was suspecting that something will likely be wrong somewhere. After marriage, I tried and tried to conceive without success, then I knew I had to start seeing a Doctor, I was introduced to this very good Doctor who checked me and after several test I was told I was not ovulating and was placed on some drugs but nothing worked. I changed from one Doctor to another here in Nigeria and nothing worked, that was how I was introduced to a Doctor in India and myself and husband booked to see him in India. I was treated and after the treatment in India we came back to Nigeria and still nothing worked. By this time I was not really happy with my body, it was like my whole system was no longer working well, this I could tell and I was beginning to tell myself that I have taken too many drugs and injections so going for IVF procedures with all those injections was something I was not ready for. At this point all I wanted was to get my body back and that was how I ran into someone that gave me your company contact. She told me since what I desire is to get my body back that the best treatment for me now is natural fertility treatment and that fertility treatment is the best natural fertility treatment she knows, that she has tried it and she knows some other men and women who have achieve success using your fertility treatment. That was how I came to your office and started my treatment, I got the complete cleansing program for women, the powerful fertility supplement that regulated my ovulation. For the very first time in my life, I noticed I was ovulating when I saw this slippery thing, and I was like is this it? It was even the very first month of taking your treatment that I started ovulating and by the second month it increased very well. I conceived the third month and this was the first time ever I got pregnant. I am happy and grateful to almighty God. Princess Nnamdi, Age 39, Lagos State.

We are committed to bringing you the  products with the highest standards in the world to help you with all your fertility issues. Congratulations, for taking the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Your next step is our carefully designed fertility packages to help you prepare your entire body system for proper conception.

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