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8 Powerful Tips To Lose Weight This Season
Eat more proper fruits and vegetables daily and supplements your diet

8 Powerful Tips To Lose Weight This Season



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Every journey begins with the first step. Becoming thin isn’t achieved in one day it requires time. The tissues have a memory causing the body to return to its previous weight level. According to studies done in the United State; it has been found that it requires 5 days per pound in order to break this pattern.When losing weight, your body measurements can lower in an inadequate proportion, deforming your figure. This normally occurs when you don’t do the correct exercises with proper nutrition.

In order to lose weight correctly and harmoniously remembers this tips:

  1. Change your conduct, that is, in your habits and attitudes.


Without learning new habits, any weight that you lose could be gained back if you slip back into the old habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. The best place to get started is in the kitchen.

2.Get adequate nutrition, Have an adequate exercise plan,Exercise should be constant and one on a daily basis. Choose exercise that oxygenate the lungs well, such as aerobic exercises, walking, swimming, rhythmic movements, bicycling among others.



Simple Aerobic Exercise for both men and women

3. Moderation in eating: Create correct habits through lifestyle and practice.Eating is a pleasure, but it’s not the only one. Find substitutes that get you away from food.

4. Idleness: is one activity that leads to eating, unproductive and unnecessary calories intake. Never be idle, be proactive and join any effective social club or union to enable you keep yourself more busy and efficient

5. Plan and Prepare: Yourself mentally, emotionally and psychologically to receive or make visits and always have the end in mind.Learning about fueling your body the right way and the importance of proper planning and preparation towards any goal can help keep you from unwanted  appetites.

6. Learn to control yourself: Don’t use the excuse of visiting to consume calories and other unwanted fats. Carry fruits and vegetables in a bag and substitute it for dessert anytime you feel like eating something.Be discipline and remain committed.In the beginning it may not be easy but overtime the body becomes use to it.

7. Don’t allow yourself to be invaded by thoughts of food: Gastric juices are produced when you think of or see food.Get the idea that you should eat balanced meals at the right time and watch your calories intake.Always buy food you need such as fruits and vegetables. Always keep your refrigerator stocked with them.




8. Learn and Develop: Willpower and confidence in yourself that you can achieve your goal.Be relaxed and calm at every moment. Engrave in your mind that to be fat is extremely damaging to your health and overall wellbeing.

Repeat this over and over again during the day so that it might stimulate a new form of eating and healthy habits.

Don’t feel guilty for going on a special dieting regime,diagnose the cause of your obesity which generally hides behind one of these:

  1. Excess stress, Idleness or boredom, Family pressure, or from friends,
  2. A low self-esteem, Emotional and /or mental conflicts.

To control obesity it is necessary to decrease consumption of fats, especially of animal origin, as well as  carbohydrates, sugars and flours.

These elements are those which contain the greatest number of calories, nevertheless, a small proportion of them should be maintained.

Nutrition should be increase based on vegetables, fruits and grains, since this is where the greatest amount of vitamins and fibers are stored which are required by the body to carry out the metabolic and digestive functions, respectively.

One effective form of losing weight without causing an imbalance to the daily body nutrition is through nutritiously balanced meal substitutes.

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