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                        Fitness and healthy way to lose weight

Obesity is a condition whose principal characteristic is the excess of adipose tissue, in which the cell can increase in the size as well as number and results in a decrease in the  quality of life and health of the individual who suffers from it.

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Obesity is inherited and also acquired by an erroneous conduct of eating and lifestyle.

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The environment has great influence over the habits and attitudes that are acquired through eating. A person with inherited tendencies to be overweight can change those tendencies if he lives in a disciplined eating environment; in other words, changes his habits by a choice of his will or helpful techniques such as hypnosis or autohypnosis.

An overweight person who changes his old and deeply rooted habits and life patterns can obtain a healthier and better life in every aspect.

How often should weight be checked? 

Do not check your weight daily. Weight can be vary for a number of reasons from one day to another it is recommended to weigh yourself only once a week.

Another weigh in the same time since weight varies, depending on whether it is before or after eating, or before or after going to the bathroom. Also, be sure that your clothing is the same each time.

Consequences of obesity:

  1. Complications in the cardiovascular system (arterial sclerosis), Gastrointestinal problems,
  2. Metabolic or glandular problems, Vulnerability to tumors, Mechanical problems in bones and articulations,
  3. Cysts, pimples, stretch marks, cellulitis, Nervous system problems, Sexual problems,
  4. Direct influence on diabetes, hypertension, and gout,
  5. Shorter life expectancy, Respiratory problems, Phlebitis and hernias,
  6. Changes in the liver and gall bladder, Kidney problems among others.

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To control your weight, it is necessary to decrease consumption of fats, especially of animal origin, as well as carbohydrates, sugars and flours.

These elements are those which contain the greatest number of calories, nevertheless, a small proportion of them should be maintained.An important reason for exercise is for burning fat. In fact, there is a great deposit of energy accumulated in order to satisfy the body’s demands in times of need.

Nutrition should be increase based on vegetables, fruits and grains, since this is where the greatest amount of vitamins and fibers are stored which are required by the body to carry out the metabolic and digestive functions, respectively.Quick Read Top Tips to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

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