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The new improved Forever Lite with Aminotein is with fewer carbohydrate and higher protein content.

ii.It contains varieties of food supplements the body needs such as vitamins, amino acid and fibers. It also contains powerful antioxidants: beta carotene and vitamin E.

iii.It mixes easily with other food items when served.

iv.Two servings a day give you normal meal replacement.

Good for:

i.Good for very ill patient, those recovering from surgeries and cases of malnutrition.

ii.It maintains bulk and good intestinal regularity.

iii.Good for cases of goiter because it contains iodine.

iv.Good for diabetes because of its chromium content.

v.It is used for gaining weight and in losing weight because of it’s adapt genic nature. It works both ways.

Use: The easily dissolving formula is good many times daily as ideal meal replacement for those fighting their weights and healthy lifestyle

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