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Obesity in appendix: The subject of obesity is dealt with extensively in an appendix.


Suggested treatment:

One effective form of losing weight without causing an imbalance to the daily body nutrition is through nutritiously balanced meal substitutes.

  1. Substitute one or two meals per day with a balanced nutritional shake that contains the necessary elements for complete nutrition, low in calories with no more than 200 per serving with light milk. Each 3,300 calories equals half a kg. of fat. It is recommended that the shake contains Vegetable Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, mainly Chromium and Vegetable Proteins, plenty of Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Enzymes.
  2. Add to the diet some fat burning supplements such as:
  • Chromium picolinate , 200 mcg. Per day. Chromium picolinate in an important factor together with insulin for introducing sugar (glucose) into the cell and converting it into energy.
  • Garcinia Cambogia* (2 capsules). This fruits from the south of India contains HCA,Hydroxycitric Acid. HCA has the ability to block the conversion of sugar into fat within the liver by inhibiting the enzyme lipase ATP-citrate) that plays a role in the process. The result is a reduction in accumulated fat. Another property of Garcinia Cambogia, according to Dr. Dallas Clouatre in his book “Anti-fat Nutrients,” is that it curbs the appetite of the person consuming it.
  • L-Carnitine. This amino acid is essential for introducing the fat into the cell to be burned (oxidized).
  1. Daily exercise, at least 30 minutes per day. Outdoor exercise, especially that in which all the muscles are used, is recommended. Exercise not only burns calories and fat but also helps one to perspire. It promotes circulation and movement in all the articulations.
  2. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water per day.

What Is Obesity And Why Is It Convenient To Lose Weight?

Obesity is a condition whose principal characteristic is the excess of adipose tissue, in which the cell can increase in the size as well as number and results in a decrease in the  quality of life and health of the individual who suffers from it.

Obesity is inherited and also acquired by an erroneous conduct of eating and lifestyle.

The environment has great influence over the habits and attitudes that are acquired through eating. A person with inherited tendencies to be overweight can change those tendencies if he lives in a disciplined eating environment; in other words, changes his habits by a choice of his will or helpful techniques such as hypnosis or autohypnosis.

An overweight person who changes his old and deeply rooted habits and life patterns can be obtain a healthier and better life in every aspect.

Situations that trigger the development of obesity


  • Menopause, Various illness, Inadequate nutritional treatments, Sedentary life style.


  • Idleness, Marriage, Problems at work, Marital problems, Social problems, A new activity, Stress,
  • Compensatory self-satisfaction/gratification.


  • Publicity and Socioeconomic problems

How often should weight be checked? 

Do not check your weight daily. Weight can be vary for a number of reasons from one day to another it is recommended to weigh yourself only once a week.

Another weigh in the same time since weight varies, depending on whether it is before or after eating, or before or after going to the bathroom. Also, be sure that your clothing is the same each time.


Consequences of obesity:

  1. Complications in the cardiovascular system (arterial sclerosis), Gastrointestinal problems,
  2. Metabolic or glandular problems, Vulnerability to tumors, Mechanical problems in bones and articulations,
  3. Cysts, pimples, stretch marks, cellulitis, Nervous system problems, Sexual problems,
  4. Direct influence on diabetes, hypertension, and gout,
  5. Shorter life expectancy, Respiratory problems, Phlebitis and hernias,
  6. Changes in the liver and gall bladder, Kidney problems.

Weight table according to height and bone structure

Men Women
Height Frame   Height Frame  
  Small Medium Large   Small Medium Large
1.55 125-131 128-136 135-144 1.42 98-107 105-115 114-125
1.57 127-133 130-138 137-147 1.44 99-108 107-121 116-127
1.60 129-135 132-140 139-149 1.47 100-110 109-120 118-130
1.62 131-137 134-143 141-152 1.50 102-112 111-122 121-133
1.65 133-139 136-145 143-155 1.52 104-115 114-125 124-136
1.67 135-142 139-148 146-159 1.55 107-118 117-128 127-139
1.70 137-144 142-151 149-162 1.57 110-121 120-131 130-143
1.72 139-147 145-154 152-166 1.60 113-124 123-134 133-146
1.75 141-149 148-157 155-169 1.62 116-127 126-137 136-150
1.77 144-152 151-160 158-173 1.65 119-130 129-140 139-153
1.80 147-155 154-164 161-176 1.67 122-133 132-143 142-157
1.82 150-158 157-167 165-180 1.70 125-136 135-146 145-160
1.85 153-162 161-171 169-185 1.72 128-139 138-149 148-163
1.87 156-165 165-175 173-189 1.75 131-142 141-152 151-166
1.90 160-169 169-179 178-194 1.77 134-145 144-155 154-169

 Control your measurements:

When losing weight, your body measurements can lower in an inadequate proportion, deforming your figure. This normally occurs when you don’t do the correct exercises.

     Reducing creams exist like those presented in this manual that can be a great help in reducing measurements in certain parts of the body.

In order to lose weight correctly and harmoniously remembers to:

  1. Change your conduct, that is, in your habits and attitudes.
  2. Get adequate nutrition, Have an adequate exercise plan,Exercise should be constant and one on a daily basis. Choose exercise that oxygenate the lungs well, such as aerobic exercises, walking, swimming, rhythmic movements, bicycling etc.

Calories burned per hour in different activities

For a person weighing 150 Ib

Mountain climbing           665,                   Cycling                                 460,                              Aerobics (dance)               490,

Basketball…                        830,                    Bowling                               100,                               Baseball                              310,

Walking                              336,                     Eating                                  100,                                 Sleeping                              75,

Shopping                             185,                    Tennis                                  470,                               Housing cleaning               225

Yoga exercise                     225

This will help you to have an holistic treatment against obesity


  Exercise helps to:

  • Combat stress and provide well-being since with the exercise, cerebral endorphins are produced, giving a high and euphoria.
  • Provide better health and well-being by oxygenating the body.
  • Increase muscular and arterial elasticity, Eliminate fats and increase muscle building.
  • Increase the lung capacity and strengthen the heart.
  • An important reason for exercise is for burning fat. In fact, there is a great deposit of energy accumulated in order to satisfy the body’s demands in times of need. For example, to be used during walks or continuous exercise.  3,300 calories are equivalent to 500gr of fat.

  How much do you desire to lose and how would you like your figure to appear?

Every journey begins with the first step. Becoming thin isn’t achieved in one day it requires time. The tissues have a memory causing the body to return to its previous weight level. According to studies done in the United State; it has been found that it requires 5 days per pound in order to break this pattern, if you lose 24 pounds, it requires 120 additional days in order to achieve a stability for your weight.

The technique of AUTOHYPNOSIS AND SELF-IMAGERY is a great help because it helps you change your eating habits, daily exercise, and positive.

Daily keep in mind the phrase: JUST FOR TODAY that way, your enthusiasm will be continuous and vigorous.

In eating and nutrition always keep in mind that:

Calories that enter the body, minus (-) calories that are burned = accumulated fat.3,300 calories = 500 grams of fat.

  Important habits and attitudes to keep in mind for losing weight

  • Moderation in eating. Create correct habits through lifestyle and practice.
  • Eating is a pleasure, but it’s not the only one. Find substitutes that get you away from food.
  • Idleness is one activity that leads to eating. Never be idle.
  • Prepare yourself mentally to receive or make visits.
  • Learn to control yourself. Don’t use the excuse of visiting to consume calories. Carry fruit in a bag and substitute it for dessert.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be invaded by thoughts of food. Gastric juices are produced when you think of or see food.
  • Get the idea that you should eat balanced meals and watch your calories intake.
  • Always buy food you need such as fruits and vegetables. Always keep your refrigerator stocked with them.
  • Learn to be relaxed and calm at every moment.
  • Develop will power and confidence in yourself that you can achieve your goal. Strengthen that will with the sure and repetitive thought – Yes, I can!

Repeat this over and over again during the day so that it might stimulate a new form of eating.

  • Don’t feel guilty for going on a special dieting regime.
  • Diagnose the cause of your obesity which generally hides behind one of these:
  1. Excess stress, Idleness or boredom, Family pressure, or from friends,
  2. A low self-esteem, Emotional and / or mental conflicts.

To control obesity it is necessary to decrease consumption of fats, especially of animal origin, as well as        carbohydrates, sugars and flours.

These elements are those which contain the greatest number of calories, nevertheless, a small proportion of them should be maintained.

Nutrition should be increase based on vegetables, fruits and grains, since this is where the greatest amount of vitamins and fibers are stored which are required by the body to carry out the metabolic and digestive functions, respectively.

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