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Key #Benefits Of Applying #Aloe #Propolis #Cream On your #Skin!
Amazing benefits of aloe propolis cream on your skins

Key #Benefits Of Applying #Aloe #Propolis #Cream On your #Skin!

It is loaded with 75% of Aloe vera, bee propolis, powerful natural antibiotics, Allantoin, Chamomile, Vitamins E, A and C. Perfect for moisturizing dry skin, can be used for specific skin problems.


Amazing benefits of aloe propolis cream on your skins

This is one of the best skin preparations recognized for its natural skin conditioning and antibiotic properties. Very excellent as a skin moisturizer and conditioner. Is a natural barrier to any infections. The range of actions, it is wide enough to use it for small burns and more complex problems, such as eczema, insect bites, stretch marks, Acne, pimples etc.


The principal ingredient is Aloe Vera Gel. To this Bee Propolis is added to endow the cream with greater antibiotic properties. Two of nature’s best known skin care herbs, chamomile and comfrey are also added. The soothing formula is completed with the addition of vitamin A and E required for skin conditioning qualities.

It is good for various skin conditions such as infections, allergies, inflammations, strings, burns, scald, minor wounds, etc.

Use: Apply on the skin generously as needed.

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