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How Rich And Smart People Make Money Working From Home?
A real businessman ready for networking

How Rich And Smart People Make Money Working From Home?

Your life should not be measured by Duration (how long you have lived) but Donation( how effective you lived  to help others).



A real businessman ready for networking

Building multiple streams of income is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity. If the high rate of unemployment and mounting job losses have taught us anything, it is that nobody’s job is safe. Unfortunately for most people, their only source of income is from their job, which can be a risky way to live. Some couples may be more fortunate and have a spouse bringing in money each month, but they are still relying on a job for their livelihood Because of the financial risks involved with relying on a job for all of your incoming cash, it is critical to consider having at least one additional source of income. Your life should not be measured by Duration (how long you have lived) but Donation( how effective you lived  to help others).


Here are just few BENEFITS why this business opportunity can help you become more financially stable and healthy working from home. Plan B for everyone willing to soar higher in life this year!

Building multiple income streams is so important. Each item listed below is an example of how alternative income sources can be used to lesson the risk of living on a single income

1.Rapid Health Care Costs:  Whether you are in favor of the health care reform or not, chances are you are feeling the pinch of higher health care costs. Adding an extra income source can go a long way in paying for things like higher prescription costs and unexpected medical costs.This business can help you live a healthy lifestyle, feel better and look much better.We have taken care of the research and development, market research, packaging, distribution, marketing, and paperwork for you. All you have to do is use our proven quality natural health products for your own wellbeing and share it’s benefits with your friends, family, and other customers, and you will have created your very own business!

2. Unemployment How safe is your job? Let’s face it, no job is really ever safe, especially in a tough recession. Having other sources of income can help you deal with a job loss much easier than being caught off guard. Even if your other sources of cash can’t cover all of your monthly expenses, it can still give you time to figure things out. That’s why this beautiful business opportunity is here to help you escape that Rat Race and help change more other people’s lives for the better.

3.Extra monthly income with the ‘Forever2Drive’ programme:


Testimonies of people who have qualified for the free car

This is a free extra $400-$800 that anyone can qualify to buy a free car, house or educate your kids with it for 36 months periods free.





Great testimony from my sponsor

”It’s been a wonderful and a remarkable journey with Forever Living Products. The opportunity came to me by chance nearly 10 years ago when a friend invited me to a Business Opportunity meeting. My friend told me he had come across a business opportunity that was changing the lives of millions of people around the world but he was not interested; this baffled me because he was struggling in life. I attended the Business Opportunity meeting and after the presentation I was convinced with the opportunities that the company had to offer. I was ready to start but I didn’t have any money. To overcome this obstacle, I borrowed money and got registered. Seven (7) months after registration I became a Manager with my income growing from GHc40.00 to over GHc2000 per month. I am now in my 10th year with this wonderful company and am enjoying every bit of it. Through Forever, I have travelled extensively to a total of 32 counties worldwide, I have built my dream house, bought 5 cars and above all touched the lives of many people with this remarkable company and its products. My motivation to stick around for all these years was a statement made by our CEO Mr. Rex Maughan and I quote “surround yourself with the finest people you can find and build yourself a company of giants” this has got me going till date. My advice to all those who want more out of life is to look at the wonderful products and opportunities that Forever has to offer you “.


4 .Luxury/ Lifestyle exotic  Free International Travels:  

Forever offers the opportunity to qualify for all-expenses paid trips abroad, with up to  $15000 spending money included into your pocket to buy anything you want.




Enjoy Free Luxury trip across the globe with a partner all expenses paid


5.Chairman’s Bonus( Profits sharing as Christmas Bonus)



End of year christmas bonus

Controlling your own financial destiny makes almost anything you want in life possible. If your job or career isn’t taking you where you want to go, Forever Living International offers a great opportunity to change your course!

                                 What Have You Got To Lose?


Whatever you are looking for in life it’s possible with Forever

What’s more important than earning more money? Time, Prestige and Recognition, Good Health, Be Your Own Boss,Personal Development More specifically, time to do the things you enjoy most with family and friends. Forever Living has all the tools you need to succeed:

  • Quality products
  • Excellent support staff
  • Great sales and marketing tools
  • Training seminars both local and international
  • Business Owner incentives and bonuses
  • Extensive company website and personal business owner websites


We are a group of network marketing professionals and leaders helping many people, from all walks of life, to set up and operate a successful businesses under the umbrella of a 40 year old global company, Forever Living Products International.
We are passionate about helping and coaching others and we freely share our skills, knowledge and the resources that we have developed for the benefit of all our old and new members.

We believe that team spirit and fun play a big part in our success. We are proud that our business model is based on integrity, support, mutual respect, honesty and friendship which encourages self-development and allows everyone to fulfil their dreams.

Our commitment to you is that if you are ready to make some changes, willing to learn, have a desire to achieve a successful and profitable business to deliver your dreams – plus you have an attitude that won’t give up at the first hurdle – then we will support you every step of the way.

We are working on a side projects and currently looking for serious minded, Ready to learn new things and ambitious people who would like to earn well by helping others, working hard and have fun. This could be one in a lifetime chance to earn. We will do our very best to help new members get on board and do well. We have full training and support system in place all for free. With this business you can start on part time and progress to full time. No one is born with knowledge of how to start and run a business. You simply learn it. Starting this business is easy and most important is knowledge. We have a lot of free learning materials to help you build your business to the top.





Real testimony forever changes lives


My name is Cynthia Ucheaguwa. Am a Lawyer with 17 years baking experience? Am a Forever Sapphire Eagle


I loved my job as a Banker but despite the good salary, the crazy targets were highly overwhelming. I wanted extra income outside being a Bank manager. I had a quest to find a side Business I tried buying and selling of ladies apparels, that didn’t go well because it wasn’t intellectually challenging and the debt rate was high. I was restless, I was climbing the Banking ladder yet I was unfulfilled. I had no time freedom.


A friend had invited me to her house far back in 2002 for a lunch party. I left immediately I discovered it was a networking party. Fast forward 2011 I saw a group of forever partners in the Airport, upon enquiry I was told they were going on an all-expense paid trip. That was mind boggling. I travel a lot but at high individual expense. I became curious as to how one can travel free and my curiosity led me to the office of the best Networking Coach I had ever met, late Dr Maria Idigo, who mentored me on the business.


I started early to invest in personal development. Reading network marketing books and attending trainings locally and internationally. Forever was my part time Business for 3 years. After my day during the week, I became a weekend warrior doing home presentations, one on ones and hotel meetings. When you are excited about what you have discovered you will be eager to show others. Also forever opened my eyes to see that I could achieve my lifestyle long term goals. It’s also a Business that success depends on ability to touch lives. It therefore was a pleasant joy for me to teach and hand hold my team members to achieve their own goals. From sitting room presentations, my team grew and expanded thereby developing strong leaders today who are equally duplicating by teaching and training their own team members

Freedom! I never had freedom. It was like life belong to the Bank. They practically mortgaged my freedom. I worked so hard on my job for 17 years and barely had no time for so many other things. Today I am a better wife, mum, friend and a better me! The ability to work at my own time yet make much more income than earning in the bank. The privilege to travel to exotic locations at no personal cost; the joy of partnering and working with people with no negative competitions, the goals I have achieved through Forever and the huge dreams I have hope of meeting via Forever, the lives touch and the legacy I’m building from this business. There are so many things I love about being a Forever Business Owner. The list is indeed endless.


Dream BIG!

Your WHY factor has to be propelling. Work on your attitudes attitude is key in this business. It can make or mar you. Be willing to work extra mile. Hard work never kills. Extend a warm hand to that neighbor, friend, colleague and even strangers. Show them the business and teach all you known about the business. Establish that confidence in the business and offer a reliable structure with integrity to your prospects.

Work, learn, pray, believe and keep learning. There you go, you have made eagle!


A highly credible company, growing from strength to strength.



Beautiful Multi Billion Dollar Headquarters in Arizona (USA)

Over $2 billion in assets and is a cash-rich, debt-free company, consistently growing during its 40 years of trading.

A global company, a global business opportunity.



Global offices in over 158 countries

With Head offices in over 158 countries, We have an international infrastructure that makes it possible for people to build a successful business across the globe without barriers. For an entrepreneur with real ambition, it is possible to build a successful business all over the world. These are just a few of the benefits outlined

Nothing makes me feel more like I’m on top of the world than to help someone else realize their purpose and then to coach them into achieving the necessary goals to make their dreams a reality.

What about you?

What motivates you?

What are YOUR dreams?

What have you done today to reach your dreams?

Have you been considering Network Marketing?

Whether you’re 18 or 70 years, it’s never too late to start.

Please Only Serious and Ready Individuals or Persons Should Call Us Now!!!

If you want to be part of Our Business Model Solution then please Contact Mr Ahu Emmanuel to become a Business Owner Now… +233546122137 /+233208554952.

For all other international countries, please visit any Forever Living Products Head Office in your country, ask of Forever business owner application form. Fill your details then at the SPONSOR COLUMN USE: AHU KOFI EMMANUEL, WITH ID NO: 233000103555 Register yourself and start Building your business right there!!! There are full free trainings sponsored by the company and excellent support system and staff available to help you succeed plus full 100% team support from us.

You Can also send us all questions regarding your Registration and how to get started to: Ahuemmanuel@gmail.com or WhatsApp Number +233573444048.

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Ahu Emmanuel is a Benefit Consultant in the Health and Wellness industry for the past Five (5) years now, with Forever Living Products International (U.S.A). An Entrepreneur, Trainer and Public Speaker. Am a Firm Believer of good honest health and passionate about the Quality of Service to Everybody, Helping and Seeing people enjoy better health ,Longevity and Freedom Lifestyle has long been my Passion and Love making People’s Health and wellness Dreams come true. I love putting Smiles on people's faces.

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