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15 Key Benefits For Treating Stroke With Forever Products
15 Key Benefits For Treating Stroke With Forever Products

15 Key Benefits For Treating Stroke With Forever Products

A stroke or cerebrovascular accident is a rapidly developing focal (or global) disturbance of cerebral function lasting 24 hours or longer or leading to death, with no apparent cause other than a vascular origin.


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The risk factors for a stroke include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cigarette smoking, cardiac arrhythmias, obesity, plasma lipid abnormalities, heart and peripheral vascular disease and excessive alcohol intake.

Also,  occurs when the blood flow which irrigates a certain area of brain cell stops, causing neurons to die because they stop getting oxygen and nutrients for a certain period of time (3.5 to 6 minutes).

This blockage may be caused by Atherosclerosis, which produces a blood clot that may come from a different part of the body from a hemorrhage or artery breakage.

Stroke are usually sudden in onset or may show progression over several hours or occasionally days. The site of the brain lesion causing the stroke usually determines the neurological presentation.


Symptoms are related to the functioning belonging to the affected area: the movements on one side of the body are generally harmed, including arms, legs and face muscles.

On the other hand, memory functions are affected according to the side of the embolism. For example, if the embolism were on the left side, speaking would be affected. The person would recognize things but he would not know what to call them. He or she would be able to remember what happened in infancy or in the distance past, or would not be able to remember what happened a short time ago or yesterday. All these symptoms may vary depending on the affected area or person. Only a study done by a neurologist would be able to determine the situation and the action to be taken.


High blood pressure, obesity, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, age and smoking are some factors which encourage Stroke.

Suggested Treatment:

The best treatment is prevention. Physical therapy and speech. Therapy are normally the best way to rehabilitate; nevertheless, adequate nutrition plays an important role. A diet low in sodium (salt) lowers blood pressure; food low in cholesterol will also help prevent embolism.

Studies done in 1965 (Tromie, H.) and 1972 (Gauthier  M.) reported that Ginkgo Biloba produces a dilation of the blood vessels which in turn causes a decrease in arterial pressure. In his book, “Ginkgo Biloba”, Dr. Frank Murray mentions a great number of studies done on persons suffering from problems related to vascular occlusion, whether embolisms or thrombosis, to whom Ginkgo Biloba was administered and the results were compared to those of control groups which had not received the product, and an improvement was noted.

The improvement is due to a greater quantity of blood, loaded with oxygen and nutrients, reaching the damaged areas so that the nerve cells are reestablished quicker, allowing the person’s damaged faculties to improve.

In addition, due to the dilation of the blood vessels obtained, a future embolism is prevented. It’s worth mentioning that the damage nerve cell (neurons) never recuperate and are lost forever. In this case, the brain abets itself of other areas that are in good shape, making them carry out the functions left by the damaged neurons. An improve diet helps to better achieve this function.

In addition to this, the intake of garlic should be included (this is an anticoagulant), as well as Vitamin-C and B-Complex vitamins which helps to keep blood vessels strong. Vitamin E will help prevent the formation of blood clots.

Key Benefits For Using These Wonderful and Effective products are;

  • To limit the progression area of the brain damage
  • Ginkgo Biloba has proven effective in the treatment of these problems given that it improves the circulation and nourishment of the brain.
  • Reinforces the arteries and cleans them of harmful cholesterol
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-coagulant, dilates blood vessel, improve circulation, strengthens capillary wall and dissolves blood clots
  • Anti-inflammatory, nutritive and detoxifies the blood or body systems
  • Helps to prevent nervousness or stress
  • To protect patients from the dangers of unconsciousness and immobility
  • Powerful antioxidant Which Strengthens the immune system
  • An excellent nutrient for fortifying the blood vessels.
  • Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA, GLA. Omega-3, 6, 9 clears the arteries of (LDL) cholesterol.
  • For proper composition and body function
  • To treat the underlying cause if possible
  • To institute measures to improve functional recovery
  • To support and rehabilitate patients who survive with residual disability
  • To prevent recurrence of cerebrovascular lesions.

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