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Top #10 Beneficial Effects Of Using #Multi-Maca #Beepollen and #Ginchia Combined!
It increases your libido by 180%, increases your sperm count and volume by 200%, with bigger, longer, harder and long lasting results.

Top #10 Beneficial Effects Of Using #Multi-Maca #Beepollen and #Ginchia Combined!

For maximum benefits, mix Forever multi maca, Bee Pollen and Gin-chia together with your daily glasses of Aloe Vera Gel. By this you successfully equipped your system with adequate vitamin D, B3, B12, Folic acid, vitamin C and E as well as minerals such as magnesium, chromium, selenium, Zinc and lecithin.

“Nearly all disease and illnesses can be traced to a nutritional deficiency “. Our body is a machine for living and healing. It is organised for that purpose in nature. Let life Go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself from all diseases and illness, by feeding your body with this complete, proper vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients on daily basis to enrich your health.

These wonderful products always go hand-in-hand with each other, acting as a regulator of blood pressure, strengthening blood vessels for proper circulation, stamina, energy and endurance. So you don’t need any other tonic at home to maintain perfect health at the most important Room!

Just by using these wonderful products, you successfully equipped your system with adequate vitamin D, B3, B12, Folic acid, vitamin C and E as well as minerals such as magnesium, chromium, selenium, Zinc and lecithin.

The Key Benefits of using these amazing 3In1 Health Pack are:


1. Heart conditions, for keeping the heart and blood vessels clean and healthy
2. Cases of blood vessel disorders
3.Reducing and maintaining blood cholesterol level

4. It increases your libido by 180%, increases your sperm count and volume by 200%,

5. Enhances fertility and corrects hormonal imbalance in both men and women, decrease stress and anxiety within a few weeks,

6. increases testosterone levels, corrects erectile dysfunction in men, causes an increase in the Human Growth Hormone (HGH),

7. it helps to support the prostate, help you regain the confidence of a sexy man! Longer,bigger,harder, faster and safer 100% maca root extract

8. It can help with many male sexual conditions including;
Low Sperm Count, low sex drive, Poor sperm quantity, quality, mobility, and motility
9. Impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and small manhood.
10. Hormonal imbalances which prevents the testicles from receiving the signal to produce sperm.

Multi Maca is a powerful medicinal plant that acts directly on the pituitary gland, the master gland that controls and balances the activities of other glands such as the adrenal, pancreas, ovary, testes, etc.Maca is said to be a natural Viagra because of its action on the sexual and reproductive organs.

It contains Coenzyme 10 (COQ10) is one of such that we need for maintenance. It is normally produced by the body and it is necessary for the basic functioning of cells.
⦁ The level decreases with age as well as in some disease conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases etc. Some drugs also lower the level of COQ10.

Multi maca Contains heart-supporting herbal extracts, minerals, selenium, lecithin and antioxidant vitamins that increase the levels of COQ10.

This is why Maca is known as one of the oldest natural sex herb of incas.

One of the more interesting effects of Maca is that it can support the enhancement of female body shape,Maca works to balance estrogen levels, which can increase the size and shape of the breasts.Also, since Maca is extremely anabolic (muscle building) it can increase the size and shape of the buttocks, which is of course the body’s largest muscle.G


“In order for the body to correctly utilize bee pollen and to be assimilated by the intestine, it needs to be micronized, that is, ground up into extremely small particles. It should also be mixed perfectly to obtain a homogenous blend of pollen of all the region’s flowers. This way it will have an equal amount of all the nutritional components. These nutritional components contained in the pollen depend on the type of flower the bee gathers the pollen from.”
From a practical point of view, it has been found that the beneficial effects of bee pollen helps by:
⦁ Regulating the appetite; reestablishing loss of appetite in cases of anorexia, as well as regulating it in case of obesity
⦁ Regulating how the intestine functions, combating diarrhea and improving digestion
⦁ Eliminating feelings of fatigue and tiredness,cerebral and muscular weakness
⦁ Controlling ageing of the genital and urinary system
⦁ Acting as an antibiotic against microorganisms like typhoid and salmonella
⦁ Acting as regulator of blood pressure, strengthening blood vessels and, in general, the whole cardiovascular system
⦁ .It helps the body to maintain perfect health, easily absorbed into the bloodstream
⦁ It desensitizes the body and helps quick elimination of wastes and toxic material from the body.
⦁ It is bacteriostatic and helps fortify the body defense system.
⦁ It improves efficiency of the nervous system
⦁ It is an anti-depressants, It gives stamina and energy

⦁ It boosts the immune system

Use: Chew one tablet three times daily.

With this wonderful product you don’t need any other tonic at home for you and the family. It is a very good source of protein. It is known as ‟king of tonic”. It is also a powerful antioxidant.
Good for:
⦁ It is a good antidepressant (mood elevator)
⦁ It contains the hormones that help female-child growth, i.e. It help to bring out the beauty/characteristics of a female child
⦁ It supports and pump blood to the manhood
⦁ It is good for all menopausal problems
⦁ It is particularly good to control breast milk in non-lactating mothers
⦁ Men will appreciate it as is good for stamina energy and endurance for long lasting sexual arousal
⦁ Good for prostate problems.
Use: Chew one tablet three times daily.

For maximum benefits, mix multi maca, Bee Pollen and Gin-chia together with your daily glasses of Aloe Vera Gel. Morning and Evening before FOOD!


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